Audi Gourmet Beach BBQ 2017

Audi Gourmet Beach BBQ 2017

It takes, the entire Zest team, at full pace, many many truckloads, a quad bike and four days in the hot sun to prepare the beach for this incredible event. It takes almost every aspect of the business to pull together. This year the Zest styling team littered the beach with bamboo, dark rattan and Moroccan patterns.

The turquoise oil slick ocean that is Castle Bay on a summer’s afternoon is a sight to see. The soft grey cloud cover coupled with the smoke of four giant coal barbecues gave the first evening of the 2017 Gourmet Escape, a Bali-esque feel.

The dining area, set beneath two large Sperry Tents made from sailcloth and timber, consisted of long rows of dark teak dining tables and bamboo folding chairs. Illuminating the Sperry Tents were a plethora of pendant lights softened by bougainvillea.

Zest’s 4m charcoal service bars added contrast to the ocean view, giving the incredible ocean colour even more vibrancy. Above which, hung five Laki pendent lights draped in foliage.

Two smaller private dining areas were created with two custom built structures. The 4m x 4m thatched huts were created by Zest for the event. These VIP areas were set off with shimmering sheers and an assortment of hanging lanterns, all following a subtle Moroccan theme.

Green was then used to finish the entire area off. Large Birds of Paradise’ in rattan baskets were scattered throughout the space. The tables consisted of small bunches of Brazilian Berries in pebble stone vases

Another wonderful year on our favourite beach. The best looking yet, as voted by the Zest crew.