Brodie & Isaac

Brodie & Isaac

There’s an intoxicating beauty to a spring wedding, September 24th 2016 Brodie and Isaac had their dream wedding set amid magnificent rolling countryside of the southwest. The exclusive Zest property was in full bloom with new vibrant hues of Lilys scattered across the landscape, the peppermint trees bidded with leaf and blossom.

The bride and groom exchanged vows in a simple white frame, set against the pristine waters of Bunker Bay Farm, it’s the effortless and unadorned moments like this where love echo’s the loudest. The gentle gold sunshine of springtime harmonized beautifully with Brodie’s delicate vintage gown of lace.

A cocktail dining space was created beneath two Giant Tipis and a third for a dance floor. Zest catered the design space for everyone, rustic wine barrels for champagne bucket stations, Coco lounges adorned with Aztec inspired cushions, styled along with  varnished timber bar tables and aztec black and white stools. Tables were dressed with stunning florals that filled the space with vibrant tints of colour and textures. Arrangements of Cacti in white pots brought in a feeling of Mexico and of course the fire pit which dazzled at night with its dancing sparks.

Mezcal food van delivered their Tacos and Burritos whilst The wood fired Pizza cooked and served their slices to willing and eager guests, during which the stunning bride and groom meandered through their family and friends celebrating.

The Tipis shone with the brass lanterns placed strategically throughout to enhance every length of its lumber and every curve of its beauty. A truly spectacular sight in Natures perfect backdrop of night skies.