Gourmet Escape 2016

Gourmet Escape 2016

The Gourmet Escape beach BBQ continues to exceed expectations, combining superb food, extraordinary people and an exquisite outdoor dining experience. Every year The Zest Group gets the pleasure of being apart of the professional service team that guarantees the event is executed flawlessly.

Set upon the white sands of castle rock, beside the clear turquoise waters our four giant tipis looked right at home. The Beach BBQ was an extraordinary festival of food and wine followed by stylish décor with a relaxed tropical vibe.

We set the scene with our new Zuri Range, crisp white furniture set against a beach backdrop, primarily natural textures, cane and rattan materials. The occasional seating enriched with linen throw cushions added a clean, fresh and inviting décor scheme. The tables were dressed with tropical foliage and native greenery, dragon trees intermixed around the venue, shaded by big white umbrellas that effortlessly created an ambience of tranquillity. The wine barrels used as bar tables with white rattan stools gave the scene a more rustic look, blending in with the BBQ grill concept and the idea of chefs being exposed to different cooking elements.

Music drifted around the bay from our Santosa Cabana presented by the vibrant band. We dressed the boatshed service bars with clamshells filled with tropical fruits, beside lanterns, a simple yet effective design concept to compliment the service of Little Creatures beer and LimeBurgers Artesian gin. Above hung white wash rattan pendant lights with Pamapas grass foliage, which added a dramatic, large scale arrangement.

If you seek premium wines, culinary creations by top rated chefs, the chance to escape the city for a picturesque Oceanside fine dining, then the beach BBQ styled by The Zest Group is your next go-to event for 2017.