Ash + Brooke Brazill

Ash + Brooke Brazill


An intimate event space should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love. At the Zest Group we were so privileged to be apart of bringing the personality of Ash and Brooke to the fore, through event styling.

From the moment of arriving on site we were awe struck, the ‘Pearl RiverHouse’ venue overlooked the entire Walcliffe Farm and Margaret River river-mouth. The base of the TIPIs had only been set up, the flowers still to be arranged and the brides make up yet to be done, and however the Pearl House was effortlessly beaming with love. Everyone on site, whether it be father of the bride, cousins, friends or bridesmaids were so enthralled with excitement, were so willing to contribute inspiring us to tailor our TIPI’s and luxe furniture to radiate that same awe struck feeling we felt.

At the top of the property two TIPI’s were set up as a dining space. With in the natural walled canvas of the TIPI, whitewash tables were laid with succulents and natural Australian blooms, which were all beautifully assorted by the brides mother, how’s that for family team work!

A third TIPI was at the bottom of the house, looking over the river mouth, Ash and Brooke were such easy going brides to work with so we wanted to compose the TIPI with placid and casual occasional seating using neutral colours. The landscape provided a palette of layered blues and organic greenery, we incorporated this colour scheme in the lounge throw cushions.

At the end of the day, Ash and Brooke just wanted to get married and the rest was just luxuriating details. When a design space is filled with so much love and admiration there’s only so much we can add to the atmosphere with our collection. Its events like Ash and Brooke’s Wedding that remind us how fulfilling our work really is. We get to create a space that’s filled with the people you cherish to help celebrate the binding love you have found, and in time will become an everlasting memory.

Images courtesy of Daniel Wilkins.